Volume actuel : 2015


Vol. 18 - 2

Performing Leadership "In-Between" Earth and Sky

Florence Allard-Poesi, Yvonne Giordano.

Pages : 102-131

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Organizational Behavior - Qualitative Methods




Barriers to Environmental Innovation in SMEs: Empirical Evidence from French Firms

Amandine Pinget, Rachel Bocquet, Caroline Mothe.

Pages : 132-155

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Innovation & Technology - Quantitative Methods




Paradoxical Tensions in Learning Processes : Exploration, Exploitation and Exploitative Learning

Frédéric Garcias, Cédric Dalmasso, Jean-Claude Sardas.

Pages : 156-178

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Innovation & Technology - Organizational Behavior




My Own Book Review - Robert A. BURGELMAN & Leonard R. SAYLES (1986), Inside Corporate Innovation: Strategy, Structure and Managerial Skills


Robert A. Burgelman.

Pages : 179-185

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Theory Development




My Own Book Review - Henry MINTZBERG, The Nature of Managerial Work (1973) & Simply Managing: What Manager Do - And Can Do Better (2013)


Henry Mintzberg.

Pages : 186-188

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Theory Development




My Own Book Review - Karl E. WEICK (1979), The Social Psychology of Organizing, Second Edition.


Karl E. Weick.

Pages : 189-193

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Theory Development


Numéros Spéciaux à venir

Putting Critical Performativity to Work

Editeurs invités  : Isabelle Huault, Dan Karreman, Véronique Perret & André Spicer
Date limite : 30 Septembre 2015


Appel à contributions :  SI CfP Performativity M@n@gement.pdf


Organizing Alternatives to Capitalism

Editeurs invités : Luciano Barin Cruz, Mario Aquino Alves, Rick Delbridge
Date limite : 30 Octobre 2015


Appel à contributions : SI CfP Alternative to Capitalism M@n@gement.pdf


Interconnecting The Practice Turn And Communicative Approach to Organizing. A New Challenge for Collective Action?

Editeurs invités : Nicolas Arnaud, François Cooren, Bertrand Fauré et Jeanne Mengis
Date limite : 30 septembre 2016


Appel à contributions : SI CfP Communication M@n@gement.pdf


A paraître

Chiambaretto P. (2015), Resource Dependence and Power-balancing Operations in Alliances: The Role of Market Redefinition Strategies, 18(3)


Frigant V. (2015), Beyond Business Case and Sustainable Supply Chain Management : why do we need to build a theory of interfirm social responsibility, 18(3)



A l'honneur

Coup de coeur du Jury de la 7ème édition du Prix académique de la Recherche en Management


SHRIVASTAVA Paul, PERSSON Sybille (2014) A Theory of Strategy – Learning from China: From Walking to Sailing, M@n@gement, 17(1), 38-61,