Volume actuel : 2015


Vol. 18 - 3

From the editors. A note on the evolution of the french management scholarship, 1994-2014

Mustapha Belkhouja , Vincent Mangematin.

Pages : 194-204

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Strategy & Business Policy




Resource dependence and power-balancing operations in alliances: The role of market redefinition strategies

Paul Chiambaretto.

Pages : 205-233

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Strategy & Business Policy




Beyond the business case and sustainable chain management: Why do we need to build a theory of interfirm social responsibility?

Vincent Frigant.

Pages : 234-253

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CSR & Business Ethics




The historical study of institutional change over long periods: Pitfalls and perspectives. A commentary on the article by Hélène Peton and Stéphan Pezé

Amélie Boutinot, Thibault Daudigeos, Stéphane Jaumier.

Pages : 254-260

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Theory Development




Reflection on historical studies of institutional change: Small steps are not necessarily missteps. A rejoinder to Daudigeos, Boutinot & Jaumier

Hélène Peton, Stéphan Pezé.

Pages : 261-265

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Theory Development




Less followership, less leadership? An inquiry into the basic but seemingly forgotten downsides of leadership


Mats Alvesson, Martin Blom.

Pages : 266-282

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CSR & Business Ethics - Theory Development


Numéros Spéciaux à venir

Organizing Alternatives to Capitalism

Editeurs invités : Luciano Barin Cruz, Mario Aquino Alves, Rick Delbridge
NOUVELLE Date limite : 10th Novembre 2015


Appel à contributions : SI CfP Alternative to Capitalism M@n@gement.pdf


Interconnecting The Practice Turn And Communicative Approach to Organizing. A New Challenge for Collective Action?

Editeurs invités : Nicolas Arnaud, François Cooren, Bertrand Fauré et Jeanne Mengis
Date limite : 30 septembre 2016


Appel à contributions : SI CfP Communication M@n@gement.pdf